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Cultivating Organic Sustainable Methods Of Seasonal Flowers

Welcome to our aquaponic floral haven, based in the heart of Falcon, WA. Whether you’re here for the freshest cut blooms, seeking to unleash your creative spirit through our flower-themed art, or eager to participate in our hands-on workshops and events, you’re in for a treat!

cut flowers
to make you

Spread a
little joy.

From dainty daisies to elegant ranunculus, each stem is nurtured with care and love, ready to grace your spaces with nature’s elegance. We sell directly to the public, florists, designers and event planners.

Blooming in our selection


Join us in creating memories and masterpieces!

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Discover a range of treasures like t-shirts, journals, scrapbooking papers, and more.


Blending the beauty of blooms with the wonders of learning.

Behind the scenes

Meet your farmer

I’m Natalie, a passionate soul with a heart deeply rooted in the world of flowers and creativity. From the fertile grounds of Falcon, WA, I welcome you to explore my journey, which weaves together the delicate petals of aquaponic cut flowers, the colors of artistic expression, and the nurturing threads of family and growth.


We’re constantly testing new flowers in our aquaponics system so we can offer seasonal blooms alongside our bestsellers.

Gifting Water

We love growing for you! But we also want others to bloom. Cosmos Cove donates to Water for Africa.

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